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            Note: The following information on TCL to the official Web site ( data.

            1, natural light: an ordinary LCD TV backlight due to the constant, not only a waste of energy, but also the human eye would pose a hazard. TCL's own research and development of natural light technology, integration yen polarized light, dynamic backlight two of the most advanced technology from the energy-saving, eye protection, to enhance picture quality and so the success of the crack problem in the world. At present, natural light technology has been such as Japan and China Taiwan to authorize the latest results of research and development, and more than 100 patent applications at home and abroad. Green energy: the use of dynamic backlight technology, so that the highest energy-saving LCD 50%. Comfortable and eye protection: LCD line issued by the polarized light closest to the natural light into the circular polarized light, reducing the LCD screen light on the human eye irritation.
            2, the screen aspect ratio: 16:9, FULL HD ultra-fine-wide high-definition, the physical resolution: 1920 × 1080, the dynamic contrast ratio: 20000:1, brightness cd/m2: 500, the speed of response: 4ms
            3, DDHD3 digital high-definition full-chip dynamic, Liang Yan backlight colors (XWCG-CCFL), aquamarine color of the new technology, cold-screen technology, movie mode, panorama mode
            4, DDAS Dynamic Digital Sound Valley, the school environment, sound systems, digital amplifier
            5, PVR recorded in the heart, and time again, the call-and child-lock function, color adjustment
            6, the media and a clean high-USB interface: 2 road, HDMI digital audio-visual Express: 2 road, VGA input interface: 1 Road, headphone output: 1 way
            7, bare metal wall-size (width × high × deep) mm: 931 × 117 × 597, Block put bare metal the size (width × high × deep) mm: 931 × 285 × 659, with a net weight of bare metal Kg: 20.7 (with base), Rated power W: 170, standby power consumption: <1W


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